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Book Review – The Get Rich Quick Club By Dan Gutman

As only a month and a half are left for the students of Grade X and XII to take up the Boards Examination this year, students are already facing the blues of the upcoming exams and predictions have already started about what kind of questions might be coming for this year’s exam. Well in the midst of so much of built up stress and pressure, a humble request to all the students taking up this exam in March 2011, is that just take the exam as a regular and normal school exam similar to the ones you have been giving in all these years.

Think of it this way. At $31.87 a share, 85% of your purchase price would be backed by cold, hard cash and you’d be buying a stock with a P/E of 6.3. A P/E of 6.3 is insanely cheap. So, why would buying a stock trading at a P/E of 6.3 and growing earnings per share at 11.4% a year for fifty years only yield a 13.32% return? Where are the insane gains?

How about this one, sisters? Women who achieve success or power are seen as tough, bitchy, and aggressive. Man-like. Who wants that? Not me. So why bother, we tell ourselves, and ignore the yearnings within our souls.

This is economics definition why Shakespeare will always be relevant. Though we live in an advanced technological age, he is still the king when it comes to exposing our personal and social interactions. He points out our shortcomings as well as our noble deeds; our fall from grace and our redemption. Shakespeare tells us that, yes, it is what it is; life is messy.

The second problem is much less amusing. You A. Compute total revenue for each level of output. Fill in the table.B. Compute average and see, if on Monday, you were to shell out the $378.18 for a share of Google, when the stock reached $16,578.90 in 2056, you’d be able to brag to Britney and K-Fed about your annual compound gain of.drum roll please.7.85%. And that’s before taxes and inflation.

You do not have to be an economics professor to understand the fundamentals reports. Just read the news, particularly that found on trading sites, to get familiar with what they mean. The first rule of thumb is, if you do not understand the news, do not trade during that time.

Now do you stand there and calculate the production cost of this TV unit and base your decision on the profit margin the manufacturer what is economics? Of course not! You stand there and base your decision on thinking about how good it would look hanging on your wall in your living room!

Your thought process place a vital role in writing this exam. Your preparation should go along with practicing. Simply reading the text books do not help in GAMSAT preparation.

At the present time the remains of the iceman are being kept at the Museum of Archeology in Bolzano Italy, where year after year the museum is flooded by visitors wishing to see this mysterious killer mummy.

Joe had come in one day to collect a debt for the local organization, wearing their uniform. He was confronted by Lester before taking ten steps inside the room. Joe straightened to his full height, but The Coon stood firm, looking directly into his eyes. Every head in the room turned to watch. Joe had already begun to gain a reputation as a junior thug in the neighborhood. The gathering silence added to the tension.

As always, I would love to know your thoughts in the comment box below, and going one step further to learn it, live it and share it with others in your life.



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